A message from CSC member Sue Chaploney:
This past year has been a long year, hasn’t it? I often find myself thinking about what it was like in the good old days, like last February when we had in-person rehearsals, concerts and meetings. Every week I got the chance to see and catch-up with fellow singers and to sing beautiful music together. We are getting closer every day to our return to the ‘good old days’ but we aren’t there yet.

At a recent Concert Singers Board Meeting we were talking about Outreach in the time of Covid and the idea came to me that a Food Drive would be the best outreach plan we could do during this time of need. I think the past year has been even longer for many people who are now out of work, their support systems weakening or failing, and still having families to provide for.

This need was later confirmed by Kathy at Dorcas Ministries and Food Bank in Cary. She said that they have more than double the requests for assistance since the pandemic began. This spurred me on even more to coordinate a food drive and involve the Singers as well as friends and neighbors here in Cary to give their support.

We needed a way to reconnect as a group and in a big way and to give back to the community that has been the Concert Singers’ home for 30 years. Can you believe it? Our group has been together 30 years!

I am counting on the Open Your Heart Food Drive scheduled for Valentine’s Weekend to restock the Food Pantry shelves. This will help alleviate some of the stress these families are going through. And, won’t it feel great to let people know there is a community of singers and neighbors who care?


Thanks to everyone’s contributions, we were able to donate almost $800 and 575 pounds of food to the Dorcas Ministries Food Pantry. From the Dorcas’ food pantry manager: “Thank you so very much!! We will be able to serve a lot of folks from this wonderful food drive!”


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