Nathan Leaf, our Artistic Director, has some unique ways of communicating how he wants choir members to sing a piece, in order to make it as lovely and meaningful to audiences as possible.

So we’re starting this series on Nathan’s memorable quotes from recent rehearsals. Here’s a sampling from last week:

“The audience won’t know what’s going on, then two minutes later it’s over.”

“It’s a beautiful chord, it’s tragic that it lasts just 3 beats.”

“Altos, you get the same note forever, then you finally have a thing.”

“We won’t breathe on this page, so I wish you the best with that.”

“Basses, you are the lilypad that we all float on.”

More from our 10/8 practice — boy, Nathan is a quotable guy!

“[Sing this piece as] smooth as a hug in a flannel shirt.”

“Sopranos, if I had holy water I’d sprinkle it on you right now.”

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