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The Concert Singers of Cary is a volunteer organization. Membership means you have joined a musical community and have taken on your share of the responsibility for bringing first-rate musical performances to Cary and the Triangle region.


Weekly Rehearsals
On most weeks, these take place Mondays at 7:30PM and usually end at 9:30PM. We are currently holding rehearsals at Greenwood Forest Baptist Church at 110 SE Maynard Road in Cary.

Members are personally responsible for learning their individual parts. You are encouraged to practice between rehearsals, and online resources are provided.

Pre-concert Rehearsals
Attendance at these rehearsals, especially those with orchestra, is required.

Members are strongly encouraged to attend every rehearsal and sing in all concerts scheduled for the season whenever possible.

Member Expenses

Annual Dues
The amount is determined annually by the Board of Directors. For the current year, dues of $100 are required of each member and may not be prorated nor refunded. Dues must be paid within the first month unless special arrangements are made with the Membership Administrator.

Music for each concert will be sold at the first rehearsal for that concert cycle. Singers only need to purchase the music for the concerts that they are performing, and is theirs to keep.

Concert Attire
Women are required to purchase concert attire (blouse, skirt) from Formal Fashions in models specified by The Concert Singers of Cary. Men are required to purchase or rent tuxedos.

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The Concert Singers of Cary
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