Auditions for our musical season typically take place in late August and early January. (Click here to read about the exciting plans we have in store for spring 2020!)

We invite you to indicate your interest in an audition via the link below, and our Membership Chair will contact you. Our next auditions, for the 2020-2021 season, will be Aug 17 and 31, 2020, 7-9:30pm at the Cary Arts Center.

Audition Specifics

We’ll work with you to schedule a specific 10-minute audition.

Your audition is private with our Artistic Director.

An accompanist will be provided. We do not use prerecorded music in auditions.

Selections do not need to be from memory, but if you use music bring an extra copy for the accompanist.

You will be notified by email regarding your audition results.

What to Prepare for your Audition

Symphonic Choir candidates

The Symphonic Choir is our primary large ensemble that performs in most concerts; about 110 people (rehearsals Mondays 7:30-9:30pm). Please prepare any song of your choosing that is at your comfort level that you believe shows you at your best. As an alternative, you may sing America the Beautiful or any other hymn of your choice. It is important that you come prepared to sing something specific.

Chorale candidates

The Chorale is a large subgroup of the Symphonic Choir, used for select additional performances; about 70 people. Be prepared to sing a song or aria from the classical tradition that you feel shows you at your best. Ideally, it should be in a foreign language and demonstrate ability at singing fast melismatic passages. In addition to your selection include the following excerpts from Handel’s Messiah:

For Unto Us a Child Is Born (PDF)
-Soprano: Measures 7-18
-Alto: Measures 56-61
-Tenor: Measures 38-41
-Bass: Measures 19-25

All We Like Sheep (PDF)
-Soprano: Measures 11-29
-Alto: Measures 13-23
-Tenor: Measures 23-43
-Bass: Measures 43-53

Chamber Choir candidates

The Chamber Choir is a select small ensemble that performs regularly throughout the season; about 35 people. Advanced musicianship and strong music reading skills are necessary. Prepare two pieces as described for “Chorale Candidates” above (song/aria and excerpt from For Unto Us a Child is Born) PLUS “But All Shall Be Well” from James Whitbourn’s Luminosity (PDF) (excerpt pages 79-82).

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Audition Location

Cary Arts Center
101 Dry Avenue
Cary, NC

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