Auditions in 2020-2021

Auditions for our musical season typically take place in late August and early January. Please click here to learn about how Concert Singers of Cary is planning to conduct rehearsals and perform during the pandemic. You’ll find info on our spring 2021 plans here.

We invite you to indicate your interest in an audition via the link below, and our Membership Chair will contact you. Our next auditions, for the spring of our 2020-2021 season, will take place an evening of the week of January 18.

Audition Specifics

In January 2021, CSC auditions will be done over Zoom with our Artistic Director. Each audition will be about 12 minutes long.

You do not need to provide an accompanist or memorize any music.

You will receive an email the day before your audition. This email will have the Zoom link and instructions, as well as any additional materials needed. These materials may include music PDFs that you can either print or view on a screen during your audition. These materials may include links to accompaniment recordings to be used during your audition.

Please be in a quiet location for your audition. You may wish to have headphones or earbuds available to use.

You will be notified by email regarding your audition results.

We realize that this online audition format is new for many people and poses certain challenges. It is new for us too! Please do not get stressed out about how all of this will work. The goal is for us to get familiar with your voice, and if we encounter bumps in the road during the audition, we will work through it. The most important thing is for you to be familiar with how to join on the Zoom call. Here are some helpful links:

What to Prepare for your Audition

Symphonic Choir candidates

The Symphonic Choir is our primary large ensemble that performs in most concerts; about 110 people (rehearsals Mondays 7:30-9:30pm). Please be prepared to sing either My Country, ‘Tis of Thee (PDF) or The First Noel (PDF). The audition will also include vocalizing, music reading, and other choral skill evaluation.

Chorale & Chamber Choir candidates

The Chorale is a large subgroup of the Symphonic Choir, used for select additional performances; about 70 people. The Chamber Choir is a select small ensemble that performs regularly throughout the season; about 35 people. Advanced musicianship and strong music reading skills are necessary. 

Those who would like to be considered for the Chorale or Chamber Choir should prepare, in addition to the Symphonic Choir requirements, the following excerpts:

For Unto Us a Child Is Born (PDF)
-Soprano: Measures 7-18
-Alto: Measures 56-61
-Tenor: Measures 38-41
-Bass: Measures 19-25

Luminosity (PDF)

“But All Shall Be Well”:  Pages 79-82.


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